TNT Scholarship

The TNT scholarship is available to assist public safety professionals in reaching a higher level of knowledge by participating in TNT. The scholarship will provide 9-1-1 professionals financial assistance, when needed, for educational opportunities provided by attending the TNT meeting or TNT related committee activities.

Scholarship Application Due Dates

Applications for 1st quarter meetings/activities:
August 1 – September 15. Notified by October 15.

Applications for 2nd quarter meetings/activities:
November 1 – Dec 15. Notified by January 15.

Applications for 3rd quarter meetings/activities:
February 1 – March 15. Notified by April 15.

Applications for 4th quarter meetings/activities:
May 1 – June 15. Notified by July 15.

To submit an application, fill out the scholarship application and submit the application via email to the TNT Board.

TNT Scholarship Application