TNT Committees

Regional Training

Mission: To provide classroom training to PSAPs in areas with little or no training resources while bringing attention to TNT.

  • Create a list of TNT Trainers, their geographical area, and their area of expertise.
  • Create list of ways that TNT can assist (pay for travel, trainer pay, sponsor food, etc.).
  • Re-implement Train the Trainer sessions at TNT Meetings.

EEOC (Educate, Encourage, Outreach, & Communication) Committee

Mission: Provide outreach and education to agency administrators and TCs around the state about the Texas 9-1-1 trainers by encouraging participation and attendance.

  • Compile a database of agency administrators throughout the state to include contacting CSEC, MECDA cities & the alliance; SAT, Chief’s Association, Fire Chiefs, University PDs, EME directors, City Managers & County Judges, Chief Deputies Association, Office of Emergency Managers, State DPS Offices, Texas APCO & Texas NENA.
  • Create a list of the benefits of participating in the TNT group.
  • List of benefits of membership.
  • Educate and promote the Texas 9-1-1 Trainers mission and communicate training opportunities throughout the state.
  • Communicate training opportunities throughout the state.
  • Encourage participation by Telecommunicators.

SMH (Social Media Hotspot) Committee

Mission: Encourage Texas Trainers to engage, interact, and inspire each other through Social Media

  • Create a TNT Blast (2-3) minute training.
  • Getting to Know Your Texas Trainer.
  • Dynamite Training (Kudos, accomplishments, trainee accomplishments).
  • TNT News & Resources (TCOLE updates, Texas Telecommunicators in the News).

RRTC (Regional Representative & Regional Trainer Coordinator) Committee

Mission: Facilitate opportunities for trainers to share solutions.

  • Establish regions – possibly by COGs and Districts.
  • Assign trainers to represent each region.
  • Build kick-off meeting agenda.
  • Establish how to advertise/attract trainers to attend.
  • Reps hold 1st meeting.
  • Reps report back at quarterly TNT meeting.

Online Outreach Committee

Mission: To achieve ongoing training for Public Safety Professionals.

  • Create a distribution email list
  • Determine the wants and needs of our audience (survey/poll)
  • Involve TNT members and instructors for training projects